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How To Mark Old Town and Where To Dine

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Relaxing at a good restaurant on a lunch break, breakfast, or even better, a dinner that with time, it becomes simply irresistible.
How To Mark Old Town and Where To Dine

Relaxing at a good restaurant on a lunch break, breakfast, or even better, a dinner that with time, it becomes simply irresistible. When in Old Town of Jakarta, the place to be and hangout with a spouse, a friend, or family is Batavia Café. Being a landmark in Jakarta’s Old Town, Batavia is best for spending a good time with family, friends or a spouse. Batavia Café, is not famous for anything else, but food and drink. The hundreds of people that visit this place in a year, have done it good because 90 percent of them have always given Batavia a 4-star rating.

Of all the comments given by

Of all the comments given by the visitors, the best one was that Batavia has a smooth ambiance, that has a welcoming aura for visitors. The comment also mentioned good service, reasonable prices for drinks, affordable prices for food, and authentic European cuisine. Since Batavia represents European style in terms of food, many of Batavia’s visitors are of European descent. Because Batavia understands the target market, the authentic European feel is quite crucial which is represented in the food, music and the interior design. In Batavia’s entryway, visitors can have a sense of a homely invitation due to colors such as brown, that represent the European culture. Colors are not the only elements representing Europe’s culture but also Batavia’s cuisine. As a food and drink destination, Batavia has a range of food and drink cuisines, but European cuisine is key.

Batavia's main focus is accommodating people

Batavia’s main focus is accommodating people of various kinds other than ensuring that Europe’s descents are the main clientele. To accommodate other clients from Western and Chinese culture, Batavia Café’s menu includes dishes from these parts of the world. Aside from meals, wine is offered at Batavia Café as a key drink at every table. Other than wine, cocktails are sold in Batavia at low affordable prices. One problem with Batavia for a customer is the meal responsible for building appetite appetizers.

How To Mark Old Town and Where To Dine

At Batavia Café, it is unfortunate that appetizers are not good. The staff at Batavia do not offer salads or Mexican tacos. In short, working a good appetite before getting started with the main course, is quite impossible. Batavia makes it up to guests by giving it all on the main course, where a huge range of meals are offered. From Western, to Chinese, to German cuisines of main course and desserts, there is nothing a visitor cannot have at Batavia Café.

Being a landmark in that part of town, all types of guests have to be accommodated, which makes Batavia Café’s food menu highly versatile. It is common to find one guest at Batavia having a burger alongside fries during lunch, while a Chinese visitor at Batavia Café’s salon having a mouthwatering platter of vegetable rice. During dinner, visitors commonly have a range of meals as their main course meal. A guest might be eating fish alongside fried rice while another visitor eats steak with some greens. At different times of the day, Batavia staff usually end up serving distinct desserts such as coffee cakes, ice cream sundaes, cupcakes and regular ice cream. Additionally, the café’s menu is filled with bites such as Mexican chimichangas, chicken nuggets, and deep-fried bites such as chips. Even though the place has no worthy appetizers, the menu is not hopeless on that part because it has soups and light fruit salads to help guests work up their appetite although not all the way.

Finally, being at Batavia Café is not all that bad as they have other tricks up their sleeves. Working up an appetite there might be a little more complicated. What Batavia lacks on the menu, it makes up for in facilities. Batavia Café, is not only a café, but it is a place for people to relax by enjoying some music, private spooky dinners, private meetings at Batavia’s salons and being around inspirational art. Before going to Batavia Café, the wisest plan is to go with a worked up appetite, so that by the end of the day time spent there will be hard to forget. When guests are away from home, the atmosphere at Batavia Café makes them feel at home, which is made possible by art and food.

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