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What Happens When You Shoplift And Leave The Store

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Several things could happen when you shoplift and leave a store.
What Happens When You Shoplift And Leave The Store

Several things could happen when you shoplift and leave a store. The first but unlikely thing that could happen is that you may go away scot-free without getting caught by the store attendant or a curious onlooker. Other consequences may not be so good, especially if the store has high detail security. The time of shoplifting also determines whether you may get away unnoticed or caught immediately. Shoplifting when the store is busy and full customers can guarantee you a safe escape while it is hard to get away if there are few customers doing their shopping. When you’re shoplifting at night, you could easily get away because store attendants might be too tired and surveillance camera operators may not be keen due to tiredness. During the day the store owner is usually very alert and will notice if a person tries to escape with their commodities.

When the CCTV operator notices you

When the CCTV operator notices you getting away with their goods without paying, they will notify the security man at the door to be alert, to look out after details about the shoplifter are given out. If notified before getting out of the store, the guard at the door becomes alert and ready to summon the alleged shoplifter, a thorough check is done on the suspect by security guards for the missing item. Once the item is found on a suspected shoplifter, they may be told to pay for it so that it may go away with it or an extra charge could be added on its original price to compensate for causing a disruption to other shoppers. Other storekeepers might not give out this option of paying for stolen goods as they’ll instead call authorities to make an official theft report that will lead to court summoning. Court proceedings are not easy to compare to if you are directly charged by a store owner. Another store owner might take pity on young shoplifters and decide to forgive them especially if stolen items are cheap or foods that might insinuate that these young shoplifters could have been hungry but did not have money to buy food.

Your parents might be called by

Your parents might be called by a store attendant if you’re charged but cannot afford to pay for stolen property especially when you are a minor. Parents may bail their children out after warnings are given to them against shoplifting after which a punishment is given to these minors to warn them against bad behavior. Punishments include grounding and restrictions on privileges such as watching television, and their personal gadgets like phones, tablets or video game consoles end up being confiscated for a week or two to help shape behavior. A suspect can make a successful escape out of the store but if a witness of the act raises an alarm and public attention is gained, a mob justice can befall the petty thief. Without intervention from a police officer or store owner of stolen property, the result may be fatal, or you may end up with serious injuries.

What Happens When You Shoplift And Leave The Store

If an electronic gadget is stolen, and you get away with it, its serial number is used to trace it as electronic gadgets have unique serial codes that help identify them. You may shoplift then get away with it, it will still be traced and returned to the store while you face theft charges. Theft of a store item can be discovered when the shoplifter is long gone, and their details can still be issued to local authorities to help trace culprits if found, and a case is opened. Storekeepers may print CCTV footage that shows the face of shoplifters and make posters that are hung on posts to alert people to help look out for the suspect. Posters help storekeepers to catch shoplifters with the public’s help.

Another store attendant may keep record of a thief who manages to get away, they then stay keen for when you come back to the shop. A shop-lifter can go back to a shop at a store they shoplifted from without getting caught with the hope that they may get away again. Consequences that occur after you shoplift are usually not good since shoplifting is a bad vice. Try not to resort to shoplift even when your financial state is tight or if you are hungry as you can get items on credit.

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